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Introducing Koba

Workspace without the greenwash

We’re on an evidence-based mission to demonstrate that workspace can be beautiful, functional, healthier for ourselves and less damaging to the planet.

  • Circular Economy

    Designing-out waste and designing-in reuse, all backed by verified material passports. It's time for our industry to own its hidden carbon secret

  • Work how you want

    Work has changed. However your team want to work, our spaces and the Koba team have you completely covered

  • Unlocking your purpose

    A dedicated team curating opportunities for your teams to unlock their skills and goodwill in our communities. Everybody wins

  • Health

    Healthy air, healthy materials and healthy supply chains. Topped off with healthy classes and events

Why evidence-based?

Because if someone is going to use ‘sustainable’ in any way to describe what they’re selling to you the onus should be on them to prove it.

For example, you probably didn’t know that fit out is responsible for around 40% of an office building’s entire carbon footprint. It’s the industry’s nasty carbon secret and we’re tackling it head on by leading the charge on Circular Design.

We’re also driven by a belief that your companies are made up of people with deep skillsets and an increasing desire to leave a positive imprint. Where we can help that happen, we will.

But above all our promise is that Koba will be a wonderful place to work, whether you’re a team of two or two hundred.

What we stand for


Eight points that guide our every move. Designed from the ground up to make us accountable to ourselves, the market, and you.



Spaces to suit everyone

Options for everyone, whether you’re a team of two, or two hundred.

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If you’re interested in exploring a space requirement, or just learning more about our approach to sustainability and impact then we’d love to hear from you.

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