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Interiors are a problem

A lot of energy goes into making, transporting, maintaining and ultimately disposing of every ‘thing’ that makes up our offices.

To make things worse, this embodied carbon compounds every time an office is overhauled because we simply throw most of it away.

It’s the reason why furnishings are responsible for around 40% of an office building’s entire carbon footprint over its lifespan. It’s a hidden dirty secret we all need to take ownership of.


That hidden dirty secret is why we’re putting circular economy principles at the heart of everything we do.

But what exactly is the circular economy, and what does closing the loop actually mean?

Here’s a short explainer courtesy of our friends at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Circularity at Koba

At Koba we’re committed to working with our supply chains to increase circularity through a science-based, cradle-to-cradle approach.

We can’t promise a silver bullet, but the steps we’re taking are important market signals.

It's a team effort

Moving towards a more circular approach is a big task that we can’t do on our own. We’re lucky to have brilliant partners, and will add more over time.

Meet our partners

Let's close the loop

Want to know more about our pioneering approach to circularity?

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