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Saving carbon, right under our feet

Photo of Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart
5 July 2024

100+ tonnes in carbon saved

Next time you walk across the floor of your office, the chances are you’re walking on raised access flooring, or ‘RAF’ as it’s known in the trade.

This tapestry of pedestals creates a cavity underneath the floor where all the cables can be squirrelled away.

Out of sight and out of mind, but very much not out of carbon.

Various studies (including the study by @AHMM published on 12/03/2024 entitled ‘Fit out, Rip out’) have shown that RAF is the largest carbon line item in the Cat A fit-out of office space.

We’ve recently managed to save over 100 Tonnes of carbon at our 100 Barbirolli Square location in Manchester simply by opting for ‘second hand’ instead of new.

We’re by no means the first to do it. The likes of British Land and GPE  already have, which is great.

The point isn’t to be first; the point is to raise awareness until procuring reused raised access flooring becomes standard in new fit-outs. The cost differences between new and reused are negligible, and the warranties are there.

It’s low-hanging carbon we can all tackle, and now.