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Koba resident experience

Photo of Taylor Farrimond
Taylor Farrimond
11 July 2024

What can you expect?

At Koba, we have a shared purpose of creating a seamlessly sustainable and trusted workplace experience. We believe a workplace should not be like a home; it is a place for collaboration, and sharing and a space where you can be your most productive self – without distraction.
So how will we deliver this to our residents?

πŸ’† Regular and tailored wellness, social and professional education events

🌍 Resident engagement through Koba’s social impact programme

🍱 A trusted, sustainable and nutritional F&B programme

πŸ‘²πŸ» A Koba workforce who are carefully selected & trained to deliver an experience, not just a service

🌷 A workspace that engages all of the senses with signature scents, plush finishes, healthy snacks, calming sounds & a smiling, engaged resident experience team

πŸ‘‚ Resident intuition where we have an open ear to what people want to see more of.

We can’t talk about the resident experience without mentioning the fantastic teams that will provide it. Our teams are the thread that runs through each location; they will know our residents by name and will be a trusted part of each of their businesses. Through careful selection and training, Koba people have a genuine care for people and planet and will make the Koba experience one of the very finest in the industry.