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Yes, your bricks & mortar are important

Occupiers care about sustainability at the whole building level.

From energy performance to the type of plant you use, and even the extent to which technology makes building use simpler, occupiers care about it all and expect to see evidence in recognisable certification.


But interiors are a problem

A BIG sustainability problem.

You probably didn’t know that over a 40-year lifespan, some 43% of all your office building’s Green House Gas emissions will come from its furnishings.

If you think occupiers asking for energy reports is problematic, wait until they start asking for verifiable data on fitout.


And it's no longer just about carbon

Modern occupiers now see sustainability through a far broader lens than climate change alone.

They rightly expect workspace that considers their physical and emotional health and increasingly they’re seeking opportunities to demonstrate a sense of purpose.

And they expect it all on their terms, in beautiful spaces equipped to deal with modern ways of working.

Sustainable flex

Koba solution

We built Koba from the ground up to solve for these problems.

As we make clear in our manifesto, we’re not a silver bullet for sustainability in workspace because right now it doesn’t exist.

But our evidence-based approach to sustainability takes into account key measures that we are totally committed to, and occupiers care about.


Cast: our integrated partner

Fitting out a flexible workspace requires a considerable investment of both your time and money. Our integrated, turnkey partnership with Cast reduces those risks.

One of the UK’s fastest growing commercial fitout specialists, Cast’s clients include some of the most prestigious asset managers in the world:

  • Aviva Investors
  • LGIM
  • British Land
  • Blackrock Investments
  • The Crown Estate
  • Grosvenor Estates
  • Aligned incentives

    As an investor they're motivated to align on budget and quality of outcome without compromising on our shared values.

  • Speed to market

    Design, procurement, construction and operation all under one roof. Plus, we can leverage their supply chain.

  • Turnkey

    Collective responsibility for the design and protection of the capex spend, ensuring well designed spaces that perform well.

  • Same team, every time

    No loss of knowledge, because key account personnel are present for every project.

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If you’re a landlord interested in flexible workspace that boosts your own sustainability efforts, then get in touch.

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