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Interface showroom visit

Photo of Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart
11 July 2024

Interface: our carpet supplier at 100 Barbirolli

Great to spend the day with Interface yesterday, who we’ll be using for our flooring at our 100 Barbirolli site in Manchester.

Kudos to Interface for very deliberately choosing to focus on reducing carbon in their products, instead of using offsets as a way of making themselves look better.

The game changer for them was their carbon negative tile that uses recycled content and bio-based materials in an innovative way that stores carbon, preventing its release into the atmosphere.

Why does it matter? According to a joint report from ZeroWaste Europe, Changing Markets Foundation and UNITED KINGDOM WITHOUT INCINERATION NETWORK (UKWIN) identified the UK incinerated 30,000 tonnes of carpet in 2019, releasing 243,000 tonnes of C02 into the atmosphere.

All the carpet we get from Interface can be taken back at end of life, and where possible it’ll be used again. And when it can’t, it’ll go into their ReEntry stream, meaning they can be used to make new carpets for the future. ‘Closing the loop’ like this is a critical part of circularity.

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