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We don’t do greenwash. If someone is going to use ‘sustainable’ in any way to describe what they’re selling to you the onus should be on them to prove it. We’re deeply committed to third party verified data.


Radically transparent

Our data won’t always tell a great story – there is no silver bullet for the workspace industry’s sustainability problems. We’re committed to giving the unvarnished truth because it helps our customers understand where we are and focuses us on pushing ourselves further.



A circular economy is a system where materials never actually become waste. Instead, products and materials are kept in circulation through maintenance, reuse, refurbishment, remanufacture, recycling, and composting. We’ll collaborate with our supply chains to increase circularity through a science-based, cradle-to-cradle approach.


Renewable energy
& net zero carbon

All our energy is renewable, but that’s not enough. We’re committed to pushing the industry to make sure it’s generated when we use it, and that it wouldn’t exist without us buying it. We’ll work hard to minimise what energy we do use, and we’ll offset responsibly and meaningfully.


Healthy outcomes

There is more to health than yoga, pilates and plants. Our focus is on healthy outcomes, and we regularly check that what we’re doing is contributing to them. Like on indoor air, which on average is seven times worse than outdoor air, or minimising toxins by building with circular design principles.


Pioneers of purpose

We imagine a world in which most office buildings offer their customers opportunities to unlock their skills and goodwill to bring about meaningful, measurable change in the nearby community. We’ll demonstrate it can be done whilst collaborating with industry and academia to develop the evidence base supporting it.


Open source

If us striving to be the best simply means someone else is worse, we all fail. We’re committed to sharing our lessons learned with the broader industry to speed up the meaningful, scalable impact we’ll all benefit from.


A great employer

If we want to deliver great workspaces that are better for people and planet, then our own team are our most valuable resource. We have a gut feeling of what a great employer is, and we’ll collaborate closely with all our people in the hope of becoming one.

What do you think?

We’d love to know your thoughts on the set of principles we’re adhering to.

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